About Jared

Seasoned web developer. Beginner wood worker. Calgarian. Skier. Camper. Traveller. Gamer.

I am a developer at Arterys, a medical tech startup that is leveraging the cloud and machine learning to provide a superior experience in medical imaging.


Cancelling Transunion Canada Credit Monitoring / ID Protection Program

I think it should be law in Canada that cancelling a membership to something should be as easy as signing up. Trying to find out how to cancel your Transunion Canada Credit Monitoring or Identity theft monitoring is practically impossible, they’ve hired a lot of SEO to make sure anything you search Google floods your …

Significance of the underscore parameter in arrow functions

Reading code I noticed some devs have been using an underscore, _ => {…}, in their arrow function rather than empty parentheses, () => {…}. At first I thought this was further syntactic sugar of the ES2015+ specifications that I had missed, some convenience keyword. But I just realized that people have just been using …