Permanently Shuffling your Google Play Music Playlist (sort of)

For some reason Android Auto doesn’t want to shuffle my playlists when I am driving and I don’t feel like listening or jumping through a dozen of the first songs on the list that I’ve listened to recently.

Unfortunately Google doesn’t provide us with an option to shuffle a playlist in place like decades old technology such as WinAmp has. But I’ve found a workaround, before I go on a road trip I load up my playlist page, click the shuffle button, this will start playing your entire playlist in a random order. Then you can save your Queue as a new playlist. Pretty simple, and it works if a bit cumbersome. I just delete these temporary playlists when I am not driving.

Unfortunately the Queue is limited to 1,000 songs, but since I treat these as temporary playlist for when I’m travelling I don’t really see it as a problem, though I’d really wish Google would just implement a way to shuffle your list in place.

No need to start with an empty queue, clicking the shuffle button will clear out whatever is currently in there.
After clicking shuffle your queue will now have a randomly sorted list of up to 1000 songs. Click save and give it a name.
Name it something that is easy to find.
Later you can delete this shuffled list from the kebab menu (⋮)